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The Top Sustainable Caterers For Greener Events

Sustainability looks set to be an even higher priority for eventprofs in 2023, and luckily, with more guidance on finding sustainable event venues and measuring the impact of events, it’s becoming easier to make greener choices. But there are a lot of overlooked areas when it comes to event sustainability – including catering.

With ‘Veganuary’ recording record sign-up numbers this year, we thought it was high time we shouted about some of the top caterers we work with who are serving up a sustainable change in the industry. From cutting down on packaging, to finding creative ways to use commonly wasted parts of ingredients, they’re turning the tables in our industry, for the better.

Read on for inspiration on how to make your plates better for the planet, and get in touch with these stellar sustainable caterers below!

Dinner Ladies is a fantastic, female-run caterer providing a range of delicious, creative dining menus – definitely not your old school canteen fare! And their commitment to sustainability is really impressive: focusing on mainly vegetarian and vegan options, as well as seasonal and British grown produce, they also produce special environmentally-conscious menus, so that clients can choose catering that’s kinder to the planet.

Tried and tasted by the Hire Space team, their waste-free canapés are truly fantastic, and are designed to use up remaining parts of ingredients that haven’t made it into the main meal. And their ethics don’t stop at environmental sustainability: Dinner Ladies offer a scheme that allows clients the chance to give back to the community – for every meal provided to a guest, a meal is provided to someone in need. Doing good has never tasted so good!

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Dinner Ladies Dinner Ladies catering

Dinner Ladies catering

Rocket Food has had a focus on locally-sourced ingredients since its beginnings, mainly to showcase the fantastic food that’s grown and produced in our part of the world. But these days the team are driven by another passion as well: protecting the environment by catering for events with the planet in mind. Rocket develops their menus seasonally to make sure produce is used at the right time of year, and they vet their suppliers and cut down on opportunities for waste wherever possible.

They’ve also formed a sustainability committee, Eco-Rocketeers, to keep driving the company to meet their ambitious sustainability targets. Through innovation and investment in business practices, they’re committed to reaching Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, rocketing ahead of many in the catering industry!

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Rocket Food Rocket food

Rocket Food catering

Moving Venue are synonymous with luxury catering, but they’re also striving to be synonymous with sustainability. Their goal is to minimise the effect of their catering on the environment by using responsibly-sourced ingredients, and making sure those around them align with their targets: this includes vetting suppliers prior to bringing them on board, to make sure that their own supply chain is trading ethically.

Moving Venue also work with isla to calculate and monitor the emissions associated with their menus, and encourage clients to share this information, and the provenance of ingredients on their dinner menus. They also work hard to reduce food waste, from working with food recycling company, the Felix Project, and with Fare Share, to repurpose unused food and put it to use in the community. This is a catering company that’s moving mountains!

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Moving Venue Moving Venue

Moving Venue catering

Social Pantry do what it says on the tin: provide great food with a focus on social and sustainable principles – in fact, they’re in the process of being accredited as a B-Corporation, and have parted ways with suppliers who use a significant amount of plastic packaging, in favour of lower impact providers (just what we like to see!).

Their menus are crafted with zero-waste in mind, and more often than not, you’ll find their team getting creative with ingredients and processes like fermentation to get the most out of every ingredient. They also have a root-to-stem and nose-to-tail approach across their menus, and incorporate all the trimmings of fruit, veg, and herbs into meals wherever possible, meaning they can offer completely zero-waste menus for your events.

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Social Pantry Social Pantry

Social Pantry

Easy Gourmet Catering is a fabulous choice for all things food and drink at events, providing furniture hire, theming, fantastic food and great service. They also have a solid commitment to reducing their impact on the environment, from planning their menus with British seasonality in mind, to sourcing most of their ingredients locally.

They’re on a mission to prove that green can be gourmet, so there’s no need to compromise for the sake of cleaner food – in fact, it couldn’t be easier to go green for your next event with them. Their focus on sustainability stretches across their diverse menu options, from fine dining to street food stations, and BBQs to afternoon tea, so whatever you’re in the market for, you’ll be able to serve up a sustainable storm to all of your guests!

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Easy Gourmet catering Easy Gourmet catering

Easy Gourmet catering

The first fully vegan events catering business in London, Holy Carrot has a commitment to sustainability embedded into its very core. With delicious creative takes on menus for weddings, private parties, and corporate events, they’re sure to impress even the most staunchly carnivorous of your guests – and maybe even change some mindsets at the same time!

Their ethos is one of reducing waste, being kind to people and planet, and transforming the food we eat at events from heavy fare to delicious, healthy, and conversation-starting menus. Guests with dietary requirements? No problem: their menu is also gluten and refined sugar-free, and covers everything from sit down dinners, to canapé receptions and breakfast brunches – certainly not one to turn your nose up at! With delicious, innovative solutions to turn tables (and heads), they’re sure to be the talk of any event!

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Holy Carrot Holy Carrot

Holy Carrot catering

Catering for clients, friends, or special guests shouldn’t come at a heavy cost to the Earth. With all of these caterers, you’ll be able to be sure that you’re on the right track to reduce the impact of your event (for more advice on making other areas of your event more sustainable, check out our event sustainability hub).

Veganuary’s a great reminder of what we can do better with our eating habits, but why just stick to sustainable, vegan options for one month? These caterers are guaranteed to get everyone excited and engaged in your event. If you’d like to find out more about the fantastic caterers and other suppliers we work with, check out our supplier marketplace below!

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