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Spotlight On: Event Management

Events are more than just an occasion; they’re an experience, and a memory that lasts long after the event itself is over. They also happen to be our bread and butter! But while you might be familiar with our event planning, did you know we offer event management as well? 

Our Event Management Team operates as an extension of our client’s team; working right through from initial development to event delivery and debrief, taking an event from bare bones to an experience to remember. They utilise a unique combination of technology, paired with a focus on human connection during the event, to really make their client’s event seamless. Our Event Management Team comes with years of experience and an abundance of creativity, knowledge and passion. 

We had a chat with the team to get to know a bit about the role, and some of their favourite things about being Event Managers! 

Why have you chosen to launch an events agency?

I have been in events my whole career and am utterly obsessed with everything to do with events. From that first moment when you start working on a brief (let’s be honest, the bare bones) to when you see it come to life and the reaction of those experiencing what you’ve created is an incredible feeling. 

Launching an events agency is something I’ve had a passion for since very early on in my career. I love the challenges that events bring and running and agency just adds to those challenges. The highs far outweigh the lows and so long as I love (most) days in the job, I’ll continue creating amazing experiences with the exceptional team that we’ve formed (and are growing!).

What’s one of the biggest challenges that comes with event management?

Staying across the detail. An event will scale in workload as it nears execution and often the volume of changes, the number of suppliers being liaised with or simply the scale of the event warrants a lot of back and forth. It’s key to being exceptionally detailed at every step to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

This also pays dividends once the event is in execution as everyone involved is clear on their roles, expectations and what the outcome will look like. My team constantly hear me say ‘we’re only as good as our last event’ and attention to detail directly impacts this.

Do you have a favourite moment from an event you managed?

I constantly say to my team you are only as good as your last event. So I’ll reflect on a recent favourite; completing a room turnaround from 900-person conference to 900-person gala dinner in 1hr 40minutes. Hours of pre-production and staying deep in the detail allowed for a flawless execution 

So what’s the difference between the services of our event planners compared to event management?  

Our Event Planners use their knowledge and expertise to work with our client’s initial event brief to source some incredible venue options for their upcoming events, as well as suggest some great suppliers to work with. 

Event management is the full end to end delivery of the live event. Once an event has been handed over to our team of Event Managers we work through all of the pre event project planning, budget management, supplier sourcing and management, all logistics as well as the actual on the day onsite delivery. We’re always looking for ways to be even better, so debriefing what worked and what we could do differently for future events is a huge part of how we keep our events fresh and exciting! 

The beautiful synergy between the Event Planners and Event Managers means we are always sharing our expertise in different fields, be that sharing venues and suppliers or knowledge in our fields to support the event planning process from start to finish.

Ultimately our job is to make our client’s life easier and remove the stress of running events. This is what we LOVE! 

What’s one of the biggest challenges that comes with event management? 

One of the biggest challenges is the high demand of admin, working with so many suppliers and managing all of the paperwork that comes with that. One of the fantastic things about HeadBox is that we have built some great relationships with our Friends of HeadBox to take the stress out of finding good, reliable suppliers! We’ve also been able to build in some solid systems and processes to really save costs for our clients, as well as keep all our events as sustainable as possible. 

Do you have a favourite moment from an event you managed? 

It’s hard to pick a favourite moment as so much of what I love about events is bringing all of the moving parts together and creating an amazing experience!  If I had to pick one, it would be creating a festival style for one of our client’s firmwide welcome event, as part of its company offsite retreat. I have a huge passion for live music so bringing in some awesome entertainment, brought together with some incredible styling, lighting effects and experiential elements, was a lot of fun and really rewarding to see the guests having so much fun too! 

A highlight for me as well is seeing the reactions of our clients and their guests as they enter an event, getting to watch them explore all of the special touches we have brought together. It’s always a really special moment!  

What’s one of the biggest challenges that comes with event management? 

Things don’t always go to plan and sometimes you have to roll with the punches or think outside of the box – some of the best elements to an event have come from the original idea not working out as originally planned!  

Do you have a favourite moment from an event you managed? 

I was setting up for an event in a tiny venue for a screening of an indie film. A man was already in the room and so I welcomed him and asked if he was here for the event later that night and he advised me that he was. As it was such a tiny space we naturally struck up conversation, and then I realised I had NO idea of who the star of the film was or even looked like (Eric Banner). 

So I thought it was a great idea to ask the guy I had been talking to for a few hours while setting up to point him out when he arrives.. he laughed, shook my hand and said “Hey, I’m Eric”! I will NEVER forget that moment.. 

What’s one thing you wish people knew about event management? 

It’s absolutely nothing like the  movie The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez! It’s a lot of planning and organisation, high stress and talent going MIA..  the meme explains it better than i do! 

What do you love most about working in event management? 

Every day is different! I get to meet a lot of interesting people from all walks of life and help create ideas and dreams to come to life. 

Do you have a favourite moment from an event you managed? 

For five years, I worked for one of the biggest musical acts in the world. During that time, I planned concerts and festival appearances around the world and countless television appearances. From Glastonbury to South Africa, we did it all. But for me, my favourite moment was the concert I planned at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Canada. Having grown up close to Toronto, I would go to concerts at the Molson Amphitheatre all the time as a teenager and into my twenties, always saying that one day, some how, I would be backstage there. Flash forward to putting on an entire tour in 2019, with a stop in Toronto. After the band went on stage for their headlining set, I stood at side stage, looking out at the crowd from backstage and my heart felt like it was going to explode, taking in the moment of having done what I always dreamt I would one day do.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about event management? 

That it is ALWAYS more complex than one thinks. There are so many elements that go into planning an event, so many complex items that when one changes, numerous others are impacted, and that there’s always fires being put out that they’re unaware of. But hey, that’s also half the fun and what keeps it interesting 😉

What do you love most about working in event management?

That it is ALWAYS interesting. Every event has its own unique personalities, its own interesting elements. Just as no two events are the same, no two days are the same in the life of an event manager – it’s always interesting. And of course, it’s always so satisfying seeing the event coming together and having happy clients!

Do you have a favourite moment from an event you managed?

My favourite moment is always when I see a client enjoying the event from start to finish without having to check-in with me. That means they are living in the moment, fully trusting me in managing the event and not worried about anything.

If I’m a little cheeky, my favourite moment is actually when the DJ or live entertainment finishes and the guests are disappointed it doesn’t run for longer, when they usually had 3 hours before hand and they only hit the dance floor for the final half an hour

What’s one thing you wish people knew about event management? 

I wish people would understand it takes a lot of organisational skills, admin skills and sometimes physical skills. Most people see the glamorous side of the job and think working in the events industry means we are only doing “cool things”. Yes it is cool, but it’s a lot of work behind the computer and on your feet, scratching your head on how to make things fit in the budget or in the schedule.

Do you have a favourite moment from an event you managed?

The magic of seeing it all come together on event day: from a bare venue to a fully styled and catered event, with smiling people.

Want to learn more about our event management services? Click the link below to learn more about what we can offer for your next big event! 


1. Who can use HeadBox?

Anyone! Whether you’re a corporate booker looking for a private dining room, meeting room, Christmas or EOFY party venue or you’re a social booker looking for the perfect spot to host your birthday party, hens night or wedding – HeadBox has you covered.

2. What is HeadBox?

HeadBox connects corporate and consumer bookers with venues and suppliers and is the easy way to book, manage and deliver everything in one place. No long searches, no stress, no hidden costs.

3. How do I submit an event brief?

Submitting an event brief is an easy process. Our intuitive brief builder will take you through a series of questions collecting all the necessary details needed to host a great event. We want to know details such as where your event will take place, on what date, how many people are attending, and what your total budget is. Once you submit this information, relevant and available venues will respond to your brief!

4. How long will it take for venues to respond?

Our venues are super quick to respond! You should receive responses or a proposal within 24-48 business hours.

5. What are the top 5 things to consider when choosing a venue?

The cost, the location, style, capacity & catering options.