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Space, without the limitations 

Frameless, an immersive arts experience in Marble Arch, is set to become London’s newest cultural landmark. 

London is no stranger to new and unique event venues. The capital nourishes an unrivalled sense of creativity when it comes to spaces. So many venues now challenge pre-existing conventions and inspire new experiences. So, when a genuinely unique venue arrives, offering a whole new experience, we jumped at the chance to get first-hand insight into London’s most exciting new destination. 

Get immersed 

Frameless is a forthcoming immersive gallery located just footsteps from the iconic Marble Arch. When we say immersive here, we are not using a platitude; the 30,000 square feet venue spans 4 multi-sensory galleries which utilise the latest technology to bring the space alive. There have been immersive art experiences in London before, with the Van Gogh and Klimt exhibitions bewildering crowds with their projected artwork. Clearly, there is an appetite amongst Londoners for art as exploration. Frameless, though, takes things to a whole new level. The UK’s largest, and London’s first permanent digital arts experience has been designed and built with immersion in mind. Visuals, audio and interaction have been forefronted to bring you as close as possible to the stunning content that adorns each of the four unique zones. Working with FiveCurrents, the production team behind the London 2012 Olympic Games, Frameless have secured a world-beating creative force to fully embolden their technology. 

Frameless blank canvasFrameless blank canvas

Blank Canvas hire 

Though Frameless is open to the public, the truly exciting offer rests in its private hire capabilities. The ‘Blank Canvas’ room is a dedicated space geared towards catering to dinners, receptions, conferences and corporate meetings. As the name suggests, the Blank Canvas room has been specifically designed to display a choice of curated imagery that would prove an awe-inspiring backdrop to a range of private events. At HeadBox, we know that branding is always key to the success of a quality corporate event. Leveraging your brand identity into the space without verging into a leaflet-strewn floor is an important and tight line to walk. With Blank Canvas’ high-quality projected imagery, the fusion of brand and space becomes a spectacle, not a nuisance. 

Go big or go home 

If one room wasn’t enough, the gallery also offers a full-venue hire option for up to 500 guests. This would give you access to all 4 of the Frameless galleries and would be a perfect setting for large conferences, parties, product launches and so much more. Keeping your attendees well-fed is of course vital to any event. The Rhubarb Hospitality Collection team is on hand to provide beautiful, delicious food that reflects seasonal and contemporary cuisine. 

Bespoke events like you’ve never seen before 

Whilst the public-facing art exhibitions of Frameless will thankfully be curated by experts, exclusive hire of Frameless comes with the option to collaborate on bespoke content that will then be implemented into the immersive experience. A genuine first in the corporate events industry, the possibilities this offers encapsulates the exciting future of events as a whole. Imagine a product launch set inside the product itself. An international banquet, spanning vistas from around the world. A work Christmas party, engulfed in falling snow. 

Frameless LondonFrameless London


At HeadBox we see a lot of spaces; it is in our business after all. Rarely does one challenge the idea of space itself, and open up so many new possibilities to the world of events. Frameless is set to open in September 2022, with bookings being taken now. If you would like to explore the endless possibilities this venue offers, get in touch with us and we’ll help you plan. 

Richard Relton, Chief Executive at Frameless, said: “A collective of incredible experts across an array of different fields have come together to create this one-of-a-kind digital immersive arts experience. Frameless truly encapsulates art being all around us and it’s very exciting to be a part of the ever-evolving, immersive entertainment market that’s growing so rapidly post-pandemic. The Café Bar at Frameless is supporting the hospitality sector in London by creating a multitude of new jobs, and Rhubarb have done a fantastic job in creating a café and bar which truly compliments the experience and its five gallery spaces. In addition, our galleries have been designed to accommodate a wide variety of events. The scale of the rooms accompanied by inhouse technical support make Frameless the ideal venue for clients wanting to leave a lasting impression on their guests, whilst Blank Canvas will allow us to host smaller events as well as those that imbed the venue as part of our wider community. We look forward to welcoming audiences across a wide range of age and interest groups, thereby putting Frameless on the map as a top ten paid for London attraction”