You are currently viewing Looking for a Mayfair cocktail bar? Here’re our top 10 you can enjoy a drink (or two) at

Looking for a Mayfair cocktail bar? Here’re our top 10 you can enjoy a drink (or two) at

Looking for a top Mayfair cocktail bar to book an event at? Well, look no further because here are our top 10 cocktail bars within Mayfair for you. 

Mayfair is a magnificent location to throw a cocktail party. Located in the West End of London, London’s exclusive enclave has mastered the high life. Discover fantastic sights, amazing shopping with bespoke tailors and high-end designers, and most importantly wonderful cocktail bars. Mayfair bars are known for their exquisite cocktails created by highly skilled mixologists.

There is a plentiful variety of cocktail bars, so finding a place that suits your needs will be no problem, trust us – we love a cocktail. 

Mews Cocktail Bar, Mews of Mayfair, Mayfair cocktail barMews Cocktail Bar, Mews of Mayfair, Mayfair cocktail bar

Mews Cocktail Bar is one of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair. It’s not just a place to drink, it’s an experience. 

Mews Cocktail Bar takes inspiration from nature’s famed nectar guzzler, the hummingbird. Expect to be mesmerised by the beautiful oak panelling, and luxurious blue and lilac leathers, whilst elegant marble and brass accents found throughout the venue elevate the aesthetic.

When exclusively booking Mews, your experience is personalised for you. Mews Cocktail bar provides you with two options for a cocktail menu. The first is a bar-chosen cocktail menu with drinks created from seasonal ingredients and the most exceptional spirits around. 

The second is a customer hand-picked menu of all your favourite cocktails. No matter which option you choose, the master mixologists will leave you and your guests feeling elated. 

Mr Fogg's residence, Mayfair cocktail bar Mr Fogg's residence, Mayfair cocktail bar

Mr. Fogg’s Residence is another Mayfair cocktail bar that makes the list, and for good reason. Alongside a wide selection of splendid cocktails, its atmosphere enraptures those lucky enough to get a seat.

Looking around this bar and you’ll see a collection of quirky and unique artefacts ranging from old bicycles, classy paintings, and, bizarrely, the heads of different animals. 

Explore outside and be delighted by a peaceful outdoor terrace, worthy of the fictional explorer himself. Enjoy being surrounded by a botanical garden featuring vibrant flowers with lovely aromas. 

Cocktails, of course, are the key to any great Mayfair cocktail bar. Fogg’s residence doesn’t disappoint, boasting a  selection of distinctive cocktails based on drinks Mr. Fogg experienced while travelling the world (in 80 days, of course).

Cocktail Cavern, Dirty Martini, Mayfair cocktail barCocktail Cavern, Dirty Martini, Mayfair cocktail bar

The Cocktail Cavern, Dirty Martini is a fantastic bar with a sophisticated yet fun feel to it. 

Large plush couches and chairs are found throughout the area along with artistic lighting, structured in unique and fashionable ways. The bar also consists of lovely greens and exposed brick walls. The contrast in the bar’s features makes it feel both simultaneously modern and old-school. 

There are lots of delicious cocktails to have here, ranging from summer cocktails to their signature martinis which we highly recommend. 

Wave Bar, Park Chinois, Mayfair cocktail barWave Bar, Park Chinois, Mayfair cocktail bar

Few words can truly describe the excellence of Wave Bar, Park Chinois. If we had to choose we would depict it as grandiose, breathtaking, and utterly magical.

This Chinese-influenced bar features bold colours and intricately designed pillars. The lighting perfectly complements the architecture and is sure to amaze anybody who steps foot within Park Chinois. 

The bar also flaunts one of the largest collections of artisanal spirits in the area, so you’ll find the drink for you here. It’s a Mayfair cocktail bar that sets out to impress, and doesn’t fall short.

Heddon Street Kitchen, Mayfair cocktail barHeddon Street Kitchen, Mayfair cocktail bar

Heddon Street Kitchen is a restaurant and bar created by the notorious Gordon Ramsey.

The styling of the bar gives it a relaxed yet high-end feel due to the quality of the materials. The structural design appears older, yet there are colourful graffiti paintings to give the room some pop and contrast. This is the perfect place for a casual drink with a large group of people.

The bar also has a great opportunity for people to learn how to make a good cocktail. This venue provides mixology classes with incredible bartenders who teach customers exactly how to make their own fantastic tipples.

Connaught Bar, Mayfair cocktail barConnaught Bar, Mayfair cocktail bar

A famous Mayfair cocktail bar: Connaught Bar

The Connaught bar, despite being more on the expensive side, is a must-visit Mayfair cocktail bar. According to 50 Best Accolades, this mesmerising cocktail bar was not only ranked the best bar in Europe in 2021, it was named the world’s best bar in 2021 as well. 

The bar is found within the Connaught hotel and its cocktails inch closer to perfection every year. For lovers of martinis, Connaught Bar’s signature drink is the dry martini. This signature beverage arrives upon a trolley and comes with quite a show along with it. 

The room consists of light accents and a beautiful bar space made from smooth grey marble. There are also chic and plush dark chairs where you can sit down and enjoy your cocktail and the spectacle that comes along with it. This place truly encapsulates elegance, sophistication, and class.

The Luggage Room, Mayfair cocktail barThe Luggage Room, Mayfair cocktail bar

A 1920s-themed Mayfair bar with amazing cocktails: The Luggage Room

The Luggage Room is another outstanding Mayfair cocktail bar. With a self-conscious homage to the 1920s typifying the interior, The Luggage Room will have your inner flapper girl thrilled. The luxurious dark wood, white marble staircases and floors, and plush seats truly bring out a feeling of turn-of-the-century comfort. 

At The Luggage Room, you can find an extensive selection of fine spirits and cocktails.  The bar’s incredible understanding of cocktail making will impress and delight in equal, free-poured measures.

Be At One Berkeley Square, Mayfair cocktail barBe At One Berkeley Square, Mayfair cocktail bar

A Mayfair bar with mixologist lessons: Be At One Berkeley Square

Be At One Berkeley Square is definitely a place you want to try. This venue features one of the largest selections of garish-coloured drinks, with around 100 cocktails to choose from. The mixologists here are also very well-versed with their concoctions and are happy to help you decide on something delectable to sip on. 

The venue is decked out with wooden floors and walls, complemented by chic, plush couches and pleasantly blue and burgundy-coloured barstools. The dark marble tabletops bring in a beautiful contrast when paired with the hanging lights above along with the lit-up bar where your mesmerising cocktails will be made. The wooden walls light up at night in the colours of the rainbow, making this scenery fun while still maintaining an aspect of luxury. 

Another fantastic feature of this venue is that not only can you enjoy your drinks but you can learn from highly-skilled bartenders how to make your favourite cocktails for yourself.

10° Sky Bar, Mayfair cocktail bar10° Sky Bar, Mayfair cocktail bar


Mayfair’s highest cocktail bar: 10° Sky Bar

Ascend 28 stories up the Park Lane London Hilton and you’ll encounter a Mayfield cocktail bar favourite, 10° Sky Bar. With its magnificent alcoholic concoctions and an unparalleled view of London, 10° Sky Bar will truly leave you feeling sky-high. 

Look around and find yourself in a lavish environment with beautiful wood, plush blue seats with floral designs, and plants hanging from the ceiling throughout. When time turns to dawn, gaze upon the horizon’s glow and truly experience the beauty of London that is sometimes missed from the streets.

Accompanying the stunning scenery are some delicious speciality cocktails, crafted by some of the best bartenders around, along with a wonderful collection of whiskeys and vintage wines. 

Purl, Mayfair cocktail barPurl, Mayfair cocktail bar


A Mayfair cocktail bar that uses weird and wonderful ingredients: Purl

Looking for a Mayfair cocktail bar unlike any other you’ve experienced before? If so, head over to Purl. Purl is known for their extensive cocktail menu with drinks crafted from atypical yet scrumptious ingredients not typically used in other bars. You can enjoy your beverage with fantastic snacks to make your experience even more magical.

The swanky bar consists of exposed brick walls, luxurious seats, and dim lighting to make the mood more wondrous and mysterious, the perfect atmosphere to experience their unusual and out-of-this-world cocktails. 

Another cool experience available at this venue is a mixology master class, where you too can learn how to make these unique and spectacular cocktails. 


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