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Five Good Value Options for Your Office Christmas Party

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‘Tis the season to celebrate with colleagues and create lasting memories at the annual office Christmas party! Planning a festive gathering that aligns with your budget is key to ensuring a joyful celebration without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there are plenty of good value options available that offer both affordability and a fantastic experience for your team. From local pubs to virtual festivities, we’ve curated a list of five good value options for your office Christmas party, inspiring you to make this year’s celebration both memorable and cost-effective. Let the search begin!

1. A Local pub or brewery

Consider the charm and warmth of hosting your office Christmas party at a local pub or brewery as a more affordable and close-to-home choice. These venues often provide an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that fosters a comfortable feeling among colleagues. The appeal lies not just in the affordability of the venue but also in the opportunity to enjoy crafted beverages and delicious pub-style food (which you definitely can’t beat!). Many venues offer customisable packages tailored to your budget, making it a fantastic option for a memorable and cost-effective celebration for all.

2. Deck the halls

Discover the potential of hosting your office Christmas party at a local community centre or hall. These versatile spaces often come with reasonable rental rates, providing a blank canvas for your festive vision which allows you to have complete freedom when decorating or setting up a theme. Transform the venue with personalised decorations and theme-specific elements to create an inviting holiday ambience for the team- perhaps consider goodie bags or Christmas-themed cocktails! With the flexibility to arrange catering services independently, you have the freedom to craft a gathering that aligns perfectly with your budget while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your team.

3. Restaurant lunches

Rethink the traditional office Christmas party by opting for a festive lunch at a nearby restaurant. Many restaurants offer specially curated set lunch menus during the holiday season, providing an opportunity for your team to enjoy a delightful meal without the higher costs associated with evening events (you can’t beat a classic turkey roast at Christmas). The ambience of a restaurant adds a touch of elegance to the celebration, making it a budget-friendly yet sophisticated choice for your office festivities.

4. Virtual party packages

Perhaps think about a virtual celebration for your Christmas party where it’s hard for the team to get together – a perfect choice for remote or global teams. Take a look at some of our top-rated virtual event platforms to get started! Various companies now specialise in organising engaging virtual events, complete with interactive games, live entertainment, and even the delivery of festive treats directly to each participant’s doorstep! Not only does this option guarantee inclusivity, but also a unique and budget-conscious way to celebrate the season with remote or global teams.

5. A DIY Christmas Feast!

To keep costs down, consider organising a personal Christmas party where employees contribute dishes; this can create a real sense of togetherness and foster a sense of team collaboration -while also allowing employees to showcase their culinary talents (or ready meals!). Alternatively, you could arrange for a DIY catering option, such as food stations or a build-your-own buffet, allowing for a festive feast within a more controlled budget.

This budget-friendly choice promotes a communal spirit amongst the team and adds a personal touch to the holiday gathering, making it a win-win for both the team and your wallet.

Christmas is a time for everyone and we’re certain there’s a good value party option amongst our list that is perfect for you! If you want some more venue ideas for the perfect Christmas party, be sure to get in touch with us!