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Break The Mould With A Conference At Plaisterers’ Hall

Conferences often bring to mind corporate backdrops, but there’s nothing to stop you from shaking up the status quo. Plaisterers’ Hall, one of London’s finest livery halls, is a stunning example of bringing beautiful old venues up to date to make a really unique setting for conferences.

With a fascinating history, stunning decor, and top notch tech, it’s a real work of art when it comes to any type of event. So forget bland backgrounds for conferences: here’s why this venue is the perfect spot to break the mould and give your guests something to remember!

It’s a beautiful and historic backdrop for panels

With beautifully crafted ornate plasterwork covering the walls, and giant chandeliers decking the ceilings, Plaisterers’ Hall is a truly stunning spot to set a conference stage. Home to the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers (which has been in existence for almost 5 centuries), the hall has seen its share of history: the first building was destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666; the second, designed by Christopher Wren, was also destroyed by fire in 1882, and the third was destroyed during a bombing raid in 1940.

Luckily, the newest version of the hall has survived, and has stayed true to its roots with beautiful, intricate plaster designs reproduced from original moulds by 18th century plasterer Robert Adam. Elegant, but refined enough not to take away from the content itself, the decor of this venue is a seriously impressive selling point, and is sure to be a fantastic conversation starter!

Plaisterers Hall Plaisterers Hall

Left: The Reception Space; Right: The Great Hall

It’s decked out with the top AV and tech

Not just a pretty fresco, Plaisterers Hall also boasts some of the top tech available, with in-house projectors and PA systems at your disposal for events (a back-projection screen is also available in-house). Looking to maximise the impact of your event? The venue features colour-changing LED cornice lighting, which is sure to show your conference in the best light!

Plus, with concealed winches and truss points, and eight ISDN lines around the main event spaces, you can hang branding throughout your event, bring in film equipment to record your keynote sessions, and project your key slides onto screens to consolidate the content.

And boasts versatile layouts and staging options

As the largest livery hall in London, there’s plenty of space to to put your own spin on the surroundings. And while it’s not quite a blank canvas design (in fact, the decor is integral to the venue’s charm), the venue makes any arrangement of seating and staging possible, so you can be sure your vision will fit the space.

Plaisterers Hall Plaisterers Hall

Rigging and staging in The Great Hall

It’s in a prime location

Set within One London Wall, the venue backs onto the historic, 3rd century London Wall, putting it in an incredibly prestigious postcode. With excellent public transport links, it couldn’t be easier to get to the venue, and with lots of great pubs, bars, and sightseeing opportunities in the local area, attendees will be able to make a trip of it, and pack in some of the local attractions at the same time. You can’t get much closer to the history of the city than this!

With plenty of fascinating features

From 12 feet-high chandeliers, to stunning ornate plastering, there’s plenty to engage your attendees at this venue before your content sessions kick off. And with its own private courtyard, guests can enjoy an outdoor haven in the heart of the city centre – not to mention getting up close to London Wall and marvelling at the history of the spot. One thing’s for sure: your attendees won’t forget this conference in a hurry!

Plaisterers Hall Plaisterers Hall

Plaisterers Hall

If you’re after a conference venue with real flair, Plaisterers’ Hall is high up on our list – as high as its enormous, chandelier-decked ceilings in fact! With stunning classical decor, and all the tech you could ask for, it’s the ideal spot to impress guests and make your content stick in their minds. Get in touch below to enquire about hiring it for your next event today!

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