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8 Ways To Use Bottles At Your Event

Bottles are the perfect items to not only recycle but also upcycle! Using glass bottles as decorations offers a versatile and eco-friendly way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any event. Whether they are vintage glass bottles, colourful plastic containers, or simple clear ones, bottles can be transformed into stunning centrepieces, ambient lighting, or charming floral vases. This approach not only recycles and repurposes materials that might otherwise be discarded but also adds a personal touch to the decor ensuring that the event stands out with its unique flair. From rustic outdoor weddings to elegant summer parties, incorporating bottles into your event decoration is a creative and sustainable choice that can make your special occasion even more memorable!

With a little imagination, and often a very little amount of money (it’s usually free!), you can take this everyday item and transform it into something that will make your event amazing. For more ideas, check out our piece on other DIY decorations for an event, and for help planning, get in touch with our experts.

1. Delicate Dangling Decorations

Creating delicate dangling decorations with glass bottles is a creative and sustainable way to add a touch of elegance to any space. This DIY project involves repurposing small glass bottles, such as those from beverages, perfumes, or condiments, and transforming them into beautiful hanging ornaments.

You could think about decorating with elements like flowers, twine, and beads, or even filling the bottles with colourful materials matching to your event theme. To hang them, securely attach twine or metal wires around the bottle’s neck or through a small hole drilled carefully in the glass. These delicate ornaments can be displayed indoors or outdoors, catching the light and adding a unique charm to weddings, garden parties, or any celebratory event.

Delicate dangling decorations

2. Flower Poles

Creating flower poles is perfect for guiding guests around an outdoor venue. You could also pop some fairy lights in the bottles too, and you’ve got a pretty way to light up the path! Especially great for weddings!

This DIY project involves gathering clear glass bottles of various sizes and securing them to poles or stakes that can be placed around the event space. The bottles can be filled with water and adorned with fresh flowers, creating a floating effect that is both beautiful and eco-friendly. The simplicity of the materials needed—glass bottles, poles, water, and flowers—allows for a super easy and practical personalised touch. The choice of flowers can also match the event’s colour scheme or theme, making the flower poles a customisable and visually striking addition to any celebration.

Flower Poles

3. Table Numbers or Settings

Using glass bottles to craft table numbers or settings is a super easy DIY and adds a rustic yet charming element to any event. These bottles could be decorated or left in their natural state to suit the aesthetic of the event. The numbers or names can be displayed in several ways: by painting them directly onto the bottles, attaching tags or cards with string, or inserting a labelled stake into the bottle. Filling the bottles with elements like flowers, coloured water, or fairy lights can further enhance their beauty and complement the event’s theme. These can be a great choice for award ceremonies, weddings or gala dinners.

4. Fairy-Light Lanterns

Creating glass bottle fairy lights is a magical and cost-effective way to illuminate any event with a warm, enchanting glow. Start by collecting empty glass bottles, ensuring they’re clean and label-free. Choose fairy lights that are battery-operated and small enough to fit through the bottle’s neck. Before inserting the lights, you can enhance the bottles by painting them, wrapping them with twine or lace, or filling them with colourful beads or sand for an added decorative touch adapting to your event theme. Carefully insert the fairy lights into the bottles, and arrange them around your event space to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. This DIY project is not only a versatile decor option for weddings, summer parties, or dinners but also adds a whimsical element to your event’s ambience.

Fairy-Light Lanterns

5. Candleholders

Turning glass bottles into candle holders is a super easy sustainable method to add a unique touch to your event’s look. The bottles can be customised using various techniques such as painting, etching, or wrapping with decorative materials like lace or burlap. The choice of candle—be it tea lights, votives, or taper candles—depends on the bottle’s size and the desired effect. Placing these candle holders throughout your event space can create an intimate and enchanting atmosphere, making it a memorable experience for all attendees. This approach not only leverages recycling but also adds an artistic touch to the event decor. Be sure to watch out where the candles drip and form a waxy sculpture around your bottles!

Candle holders using glass bottles

6. Table Vases

This one is the easiest of them all! Again, like all of these DIYs, think about adding extra touches like painting the bottles, wrapping them with twine or applying decorative stickers. To create this beautiful and sustainable table piece, all you need is your bottles (Ensuring they are clean and free of any labels), flowers, branches, pampas or whatever you feel will suit the theme of the event. Arrange them to your liking and place them around centrepieces, tables or buffet areas!

Table Vases using bottles

7. A Truly Personal Wedding Favour

Creating wedding favours with glass bottles is a truly elegant way to thank guests for their presence on your special day. This project can be really personalised by selecting small glass bottles, and filling them with items that reflect the couple’s tastes or wedding theme. Ideas for fillings include homemade infused oils or vinegar, a blend of loose-leaf tea, a mixture of spices, or even a small batch of homemade liqueur. Each bottle can be customised with a label featuring the wedding date and the names of the couple, along with a decorative ribbon or twine tied around the neck.

For a more sentimental touch, consider adding a small note inside each bottle, sharing a favourite memory or a message of gratitude. This approach not only offers a tangible memento of the celebration but also allows for a personal connection with each guest. Crafting these wedding favours not only provides a unique and eco-friendly gift option but also adds a thoughtful and creative element to the wedding, making the occasion even more memorable for everyone involved.

Wedding Favours

8. Plant Terrarium

Creating a plant terrarium as a centrepiece or decoration for an event adds a vibrant and eco-friendly touch to your decor. This engaging DIY project involves assembling a miniature ecosystem within a glass container, offering a unique and natural aesthetic. To start, select a clear, wide-mouthed glass jar, vase, or bowl that provides ample space for plants and decoration. Begin by layering the bottom with gravel or small stones for drainage, followed by a layer of potting soil suitable for the types of plants you’re including (E.g. small ferns, succulents, or mosses, which are all excellent choices for their low-maintenance and varied textures).

Carefully plant your chosen greenery, leaving space between them to grow. You can also enhance the terrarium’s visual appeal by adding decorative elements like pebbles, shells, or figurines. Once assembled, place the terrariums strategically around your event space to serve as eye-catching natural decor. They not only purify the air but also serve as a talking point among guests, making your event memorable. Additionally, terrariums can double as unique gifts or favours for guests to take home, extending the personal touch of your event beyond the day itself. This project is not only a way to incorporate greenery into your event but also promotes sustainability and a connection to nature.

Terranium bottles

So there you have it! Eight simple DIY ideas for using bottles at your event. Don’t forget to recycle them – making your events as sustainable as possible is important!

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