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8 Top Award Ceremony Venues In London

With awards season looming, companies are getting ready to crown the year’s top performers and things are heating up! But as with any hotly-anticipated event, nailing the backdrop is key – after all, it sets the scene for the whole celebration.

To make sure your ceremony goes off with a bang, we’ve put together 7 of our top picks for memorable awards ceremonies. Check them out below to find your winning spot!

Frameless is London’s most groundbreaking events destination and it’s the perfect choice for delivering a unique and innovative experience. If you haven’t heard of it you’re in for a treat – combining art with cutting-edge technology, the venue’s digital art installations wrap around the entire space, offering an unrivalled setting for award ceremonies, against literally any backdrop you can imagine!

Fancy a ceremony in space? Blast off from Oxford Street and stun your guests with an out-of-this-world setting. With a venue as incredible as this one, everyone’s a winner!

Location: Oxford Street

Capacity: 220 dining

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Frameless Frameless


The Bloomsbury Ballroom is an iconic venue in the heart of London, with beautiful Art Deco architecture and state-of-the-art facilities for presenting awards. Its eponymous Ballroom is the ideal place to host an intimate black tie awards do, and with space for 280 guests dining, and flexible staging to work with whatever event layout you choose, it’s a versatile spot for a ceremony.

Plus, with the option of bringing in the venue’s infamous Cabaret Club to entertain your guests, this is sure to be a night they won’t forget in a hurry!

Location: Bloomsbury

Capacity: 280 dining

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Bloomsbury Ballroom Bloomsbury Ballroom

The Ballroom at Bloomsbury Ballroom

Church House Westminster, with its stunning glass dome and English oak panelling, offers a prestigious setting for awards ceremonies. Its circular layout and capacity for up to 372 dining guests make it a perfect choice for the most elegant events. The venue’s historical significance and architectural beauty add a sense of occasion to any awards ceremony.

Location: Westminster

Capacity: 372 Dining

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Church House Westminster Church House Westminster

Church House Westminster

The Roundhouse’s Main Space transforms any awards ceremony into an unforgettable event, blending its historical legacy with a vast, adaptable interior. Ideal for up to 850 dining guests, this venue has hosted some of the most prestigious events in London, providing a dramatic and flexible setting for both traditional and innovative ceremonies. Its rich cultural heritage and state-of-the-art facilities make it a sought-after location for celebrating excellence in any field.

Location: Chalk Farm

Capacity: 850 Dining

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Roundhouse Roundhouse


The Steel Yard is a solid choice for any event, and awards ceremonies are particularly well executed here. With steel beams and an industrial feel, the exposed brick arches of this venue are perfect for injecting some atmosphere into your event. The versatility of this venue means you can bring in branding, have entertainers throughout the space, and lay out your ceremony however you choose.

With flexible staging, AV and audio, and a huge area to drink, dine, dance, and celebrate your award-winning guests, everyone’s sure to have a ball at this fabulous spot.

Location: Cannon Street

Capacity: 200 dining

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The Steel Yard The Steel Yard

The Steel Yard

Situated in an idyllic riverside location on London’s iconic South Bank, Glaziers Hall offers a unique setting for any event. With its stunning views of the River Thames and the City, it offers a Grade II-listed space just minutes away from London Bridge and Borough Market.

Richly decorated with stunning stained glass windows throughout, Glaziers Hall is a perfect venue for charming your award ceremony attendees. And with in-house projection and staging, as well as an experienced team to make sure your event goes smoothly, your event’s in safe hands with this stunning spot.

Location: London Bridge

Capacity: 220 dining

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Glaziers Hall Glaziers Hall

Left: The River Room; Right: The Banqueting Hall at Glaziers Hall

At the heart of the iconic Wembley, the OVO Arena offers an unrivalled venue for hosting spectacular awards ceremonies. With its vast space, capable of accommodating a high number of guests, it provides a flexible backdrop that can be tailored to any event’s requirements. The Arena’s state-of-the-art facilities and in-house services ensure every ceremony is both memorable and seamless, making it a preferred choice for event organisers aiming to impress and celebrate in grand style.

Location: Wembley

Capacity: 1280 Dining

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OVO Arena Wembley OVO Arena Wembley

OVO Arena Wembley

Abbey Road Studios offers a legendary backdrop for awards ceremonies, combining historical prestige with a modern twist. Originally designed for recording orchestras and big bands, its space has hosted the creation of iconic scores from films like Star Wars and Harry Potter. This venue’s unparalleled ambience offers a memorable setting for celebrating excellence and achievement, making every ceremony held here a part of music history!

Location: St. John’s Wood

Capacity: 225 Dining

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Abbey Road Studios Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios

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