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10 New London Venues That Should Be On Every Eventprof’s Radar

As the UK’s leading venue platform, we’re always on the hunt for shiny new spaces for our clients. Whether you’re looking for a terrific terrace or gastro gaming, London is full of creative, jaw-dropping spaces that will step your events game up a level. So without further ado, here are our favourite new venue openings in London right now!

The Venue Group offers a range of stunning event spaces near London Bridge, ideal for private dining, parties, weddings, and product launches. These venues, including O’Meara Live & Bar, Arch 33, Rae’s, and more, can accommodate up to 580 guests. Each space boasts distinctive aesthetics, from modern elegance to historic charm, and includes amenities like private entrances, cloakrooms, and outdoor areas, perfect for an array of events.

Location: London Bridge

Best for: Corporate Parties, Awards Ceremonies, Private Dining

Opened: April 2024

O'Meara In-Horto

Left: O’Meara; Right: In-Horto

Pergola Brixton is an expansive and vibrant venue known for its lively atmosphere and lush greenery. This venue offers a dynamic space with multiple bars and food vendors, making it ideal for large gatherings, parties, and corporate events. The open-air setting, combined with its tropical decor provides a refreshing environment for any occasion.

Location: Brixton

Best for: Corporate Parties, Birthdays, Summer Parties, Product Launches

Opened: May 2024

Pergola Brixton Pergola Brixton

Pergola Brixton

Myo St Paul’s is a sleek event space designed to cater to business needs. Located in the heart of London, this venue offers a professional setting equipped with modern amenities, perfect for meetings, conferences, and networking events. The versatile space can be tailored to various event formats, ensuring a productive and engaging experience for all attendees- in style!

Location: St. Paul’s

Best for: Conferences, Meetings, Team Building, Away Days, Workshops

Opened: Q4 2023

MYO St Pauls MYO St Pauls

MYO St Pauls

4. Surveyors House, Searcys

Surveyors House by Searcys is a newly unveiled venue offering a luxurious, yet historic setting for events. Situated at the RICS, this space features elegant interiors and state-of-the-art facilities, making it ideal for high-profile conferences, private dining, and social gatherings. The venue’s refined atmosphere and attention to detail provide a prestigious backdrop for any event. 

Location: Westminster

Best for: Conferences, Meetings, Receptions, Weddings, Dinners

Opened: May 2024

Surveyors House by Searcys Surveyors House by Searcys

Source: Surveyors House by Searcys

Horizon 22, located in one of London’s tallest buildings, offers unparalleled panoramic views of the city. This venue is perfect for high-end corporate events, private parties, and receptions. Its modern design and spacious layout, combined with breathtaking views, create a truly memorable experience for guests, making it a standout choice for special events.

Location: Bank

Best for: Corporate Parties, Dinners, Weddings, Gala dinners, Product Launches

Opened: Q4 2023

Horizon 22 Horizon 22

Horizon 22

6. Albert’s Schloss London

Albert’s Schloss London, opening in July, promises a Bavarian-style retreat with a lively atmosphere. Known for its festive spirit, this venue will offer a unique blend of entertainment, hearty food, and an extensive drinks menu. Ideal for social gatherings, celebrations, and themed events, Albert’s Schloss will bring a touch of Bavarian charm to the heart of London.

Location: Leicester Square

Best for: Corporate events, Weddings, Parties

Opening: July 2024

Albert’s Schloss London Albert’s Schloss London

Source: Albert’s Schloss London

7. Circe’s Rooftop

Circe’s Rooftop, set to open in June, is poised to be a premium destination for rooftop events. This venue will offer stunning views of the city skyline, combined with a chic and contemporary setting. Perfect for summer parties, cocktail receptions, and exclusive gatherings, Circe’s Rooftop promises a sophisticated and vibrant atmosphere for all types of events.

Location: Waterloo

Best for: Summer Parties, Corporate Parties, Private Dining, Birthday Parties

Opening: June 2024

Circe’s Rooftop Circe’s Rooftop

Source: Circe’s Rooftop Instagram

8. BÓHA London

BÓHA London, which opened in September 2023, is a stylish and modern venue that blends luxury with innovation. This space is perfect for private dining, Birthdays, and upscale parties. With its cutting-edge design and prime location, BÓHA offers a trendy and dynamic space that’s perfect for an array of events.

Location: Chelsea

Best for: Private Dining, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Corporate Dining, Corporate Parties

Opened: Q4 2023

BÓHA London, Source: The Fork BÓHA London, Source: The Fork

BÓHA London, Source: The Fork

9. Gravity MAX Stratford

Gravity MAX Stratford is an exhilarating new venue that’s got more thrills than a rollercoaster made of coffee! Offering a variety of fun-filled entertainment options, including e-karting, bowling, and golf, it’s perfect for corporate team-building events, birthday parties, and away days. Whether you’re speeding past your boss on the track, or trying to bowl a strike without throwing your back out, this venue guarantees a thrilling experience. So, buckle up, grab a putter, and get ready for the ultimate event, where fun is always in the driver’s seat!

Location: Stratford

Best for: Away days, Team Building, Birthdays

Opened: May 2024

Gravity MAX Stratford Gravity MAX Stratford

Gravity MAX Stratford

10. Bread Street Kitchen Stratford

Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other! Bread Street Kitchen Stratford, opening in June, is Gordon Ramsay’s latest masterpiece. This venue promises a sophisticated dining experience, featuring a menu brimming with Ramsay’s signature dishes that will make your taste buds sing. Perfect for private dining, corporate events, and special celebrations, this venue combines exquisite cuisine with a chic and stylish ambience. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or just someone who appreciates a great meal, this is one destination you won’t want to miss. Make your reservations now—your palate will thank you!

Location: Stratford

Best for: Private Dining, Corporate Events, Birthdays

Opening: June 2024

Bread Street Kitchen Stratford Bread Street Kitchen Stratford

Source: Bread Street Kitchen Stratford

And there you have it! With these new London venues making waves in the event scene, there’s plenty to look forward to for the rest of the year. We can’t wait to check them all out for ourselves! The future of London’s event landscape looks incredibly promising, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey!

If you like the look of one of these venues and would like to chat about an upcoming event brief, or maybe just want some more venue inspiration, get in touch with our venue team below and we’ll be happy to help! Also, be sure to take a look at our other new venues blog for 2024 too!